All speakers and authors must deliver their presentation (CD Rom, pen drive) 2 hours in advance or the day before, to the slide center


If using a Power Point (or any other computer) presentation, please note that you need to bring it as a PC compatible format on a CD or on a USB port in the computer (no ZIP disk!) and load it on one of the Meeting’s computers in the slide center, at least 2 hours before the start of the session.

You may supply your own laptop computer as a back-up.

Please note that the Meeting computer in the session halls are being supplied with Windows XP and Office 2000 (at least).


If using a laptop computer, we encourage you to supply your own computer. Please ensure that it has a VGA socket for external signal. Please remember to:

a) immediately check your computer in the slide center as soon as you arrive
b) to also check your computer in the session hall where your lecture is taking place, either during the coffee or lunch break prior to your session, at least 30 minutes before the start of the session.

Please note: Double slide projection, overhead projection and video tape recorders are not standard equipment and will only be made available on request, in writing, to the Organising Secretariat office 3 weeks before the Meeting.