1. Botanicals impact the gut microbiome and intestinal homeostasis
  2. Cholesterol-lowering prebiotic
  3. Exosome-like nanoparticles (ELNs) mediate communication with gut microbiota
  4. Food – botanicals – microbiota interactions
  5. From Lab Bench to Bedside: Positioning Microbiome Analysis for Clinical Utility
  6. Gut microbiota and development of diseases
  7. Gut microbiota and host defense against infectious diseases
  8. Gut-bone marrow axis
  9. Gut microbiota in genito-urinary and respiratory systems
  10. Gut microbiota and the immune system: from allergies to cancer
  11. Gut mycobiota and cancer
  12. Gut microbiota and tryptophan metabolism
  13. Gut microbiota and chemosensing mechanisms
  14. Gut microbiota and metabolic syndrome
  15. Gut microbiota in Autism, Depression, Parkinson, Alzheimer
  16. Gut virome and Phage therapy
  17. Gut microbiota and Metabolomics
  18. Gut microbiota and drugs metabolism
  19. Humans as holobionts
  20. Intestinal microbiota signaling to extraintestinal organs
  21. Intestinal Microbiota Transplantation: Clostridium difficile and beyond
  22. Mobilome: the Dynamic of Gut Microbiota
  23. Microbiota-host crosstalk
  24. New baseline for prebiotic innovation
  25. Nutrition, immunity and COVID-19
  26. Precision Metabolomics
  27. Postbiotics: Applications to the food, nutrition and nutraceutics
  28. Probiotics 2.0: new indications
  29. Probiotics: Novel formulations and delivery systems
  30. Probiotics: Regulatory
  31. Probiotics and Gastro-intestinal diseases: IBD,IBS,SIBO,Coeliac disease
  32. Probiotics and Gut liver axis
  33. Probiotics and Gut kidney axis
  34. Probiotics and Gut skin axis
  35. Probiotisc and Obesity, Diabetes Type-2, Metabolic Syndrome
  36. Probiotics for Sports Nutrition
  37. Probiotics, gut microbiota and diet
  38. Resistant starch
  39. SCFA: gut hormone release, digestive tract motility and appetite control
  40. Therapeutic strategies to manipulate the gut microbiota
  41. The impact of botanicals and fiber on the fermentation capabilities of gut microbiota
  42. Vaginal microbiome diseases & probiotics treatments in gynecology (women perceptions and feelings)
  43. Vaginal microbiome in menopause
  44. Vaginal microbiome transplantation (new frontiers)